Breakfasts and snacks

For an energizing snack, or for a very relaxing breakfast, our cakes, muffins, plumcakes and tartlets will spoil you for choice.



Sweet leavened dough to be filled as desired and sprinkled with soft icing sugar.

Brownie Cake

Soft cake with spelled flour, dark chocolate, nuts and chocolate chips, ideal for an energetic breakfast.

Gianduja cream little Tart

Square shaped cake made of short pastry and gianduia cream, perfect to start the day full of energy.

Sbrisolona Cake

Crunchy shortcrust made of rice flour, almonds and with lemon flavor that gives a delicate flavor and aroma.

Apple and Almond Cake

Delicate frangipane made of almond flour and spelled flour with apples on top, which gives softness and an unmistakable aroma.

Pears and Chocolate Cake

Soft cake made of rice flour and cocoa, with an apricot jelly and piece of pear on top. Perfect for a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Yogurt Plum Cake

Soft Plum Cake prepared with rice flour and yogurt, perfect for your breakfast.

Wild Berries Muffin

Prepared with rice flour and flavored with vanilla. Blueberries and raspberries make it particularly soft and good.

Orange and Chocolate Muffin

Soft muffin made of rice flour and chocolate, with candied orange and dark chocolate chips on top. Unique flavor and intense taste.

Cream Braid

The custard, which is inside, gives a good aroma of vanilla, fragrance and delicacy to the product.

Vegan Croissant

Soft and fragrant, made with spelled flour and whole wheat flour, without milk, eggs and butter. Good for people who suffer of intolerances or who follow a particular diet.

Mignon Apricot Jam Croissant

A croissant mignon made with delicious and friable puff pastry, filled with a delicate apricot jam.

Mignon Cream Croissant

Very soft and sweet mignon croissant, filled with a delicate custard flavored with vanilla.


Empty Croissant

Very soft croissant, excellent natural and ideal to be stuffed, perfect to start the day in the right way with energy and taste. (available in two grammage)


Chocolate Saccottino

Soft croissant filled with chocolate cream, good for a tasty and energetic breakfast. (available in two grammage)


Girella with Raisins and Apricot jam

It has the characteristic wheel shape and is filled with apricot jam and raisins.


Mignon Whole Wheat Croissant

Made with whole wheat flours, perfect for a healthy and genuine breakfast.