Crispy or crumbly, for a delicious breakfast to start the day well, or for a wholesome snack.

Meligotti with Ottofile Corn Flour

Tasty biscuits, made with the high quality Ottofile corn flour which gives flavor, taste and genuineness.

Rice Flour Krumiri

Traditional krumiri, but with only rice flour, which gives them more lightness and delicacy. These biscuits are particularly simple and tasty, suitable for breakfast or tea time.

Muscovado Caramel Anellini

Excellent biscuits made with muscovado cane sugar, which gives its characteristic flavor and special aroma.

Rice flour Siamesi with Almonds and Hazelnuts

Delicious biscuits, prepared with a mix of rice flour, almond flour and hazelnuts. Paired two by two, with dark chocolate in the middle.

Rice Flour Anellini with Cocoa and Coffee

Delicious and fragrant biscuits. Made with rice flour, cocoa and coffee. They have also a delicious crust of sugar and coffee powder.

Fettine Langarole

Crumbly and crunchy hazelnut biscuit, with cocoa, suitable for every moment of the day. They seems to be real homemade cookies.

Lemon Biscuits

Simple recipe but with a unique flavor, thanks to the fresh lemons used in the dough. Perfect for the classic tea time or for breakfast.

Frollini with chia seeds

A greedy but also energizing snack, thanks to the beneficial properties of Chia seeds, which are rich in mineral salts, vitamins and Omega-3.