Single-serving portion

Delicate creations, made to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Soft mousses, chiboustes and Bavarians, enriched with delicious details, designed for a single person, to satisfy all tastes.

Zuccotto Tiramisù single-serve Cake

Classic tiramisù, but made of rice sponge cake soaked in coffee and cocoa, mascarpone mousse and cocoa powder on top.

Perla Rubino single-serve Cake

White chocolate and vanilla bavarian with soft red fruit heart, rice sponge cake, white chocolate glaze and fresh fruit on top.

Montebianco single-serve Cake

Tasty and crispy meringue with light chestnut cream, heart of chocolate sponge cake flavored with rhum, with whipped cream and marron glacé.

Hazelnut and Chocolate single-serve Cake

Milk chocolate and hazelnut bavarian with soft milk chocolate ganache and dark chocolate rice flour sponge cake with an addiction of hazelnut grain on top.

The Caribbean single-serve Cake

Coconut Chibouste with soft pistachio base, heart of dark chocolate, coconut grain and red fruits jelly.

Babà single-serve Cake

Traditional sweet of Campania: soft dough soaked in rhum and stuffed with custard.

Harlequin single-serve Cake

Soft rice flour sponge cake soaked in lemon, fruit jelly, light lemon cream.